Monday, March 29, 2010

HSP Mondays

It's beyond funny how bad i've run the last 5 days at Sky. 15 buyins in 1500 hands seems like it should be impossible. Every flop i'm beaten by a set. Am seriously thinking of ditching Sky as i don't feel it's random...... this happens EVERY month for about a week. Can it just be variance? Yeah maybe just a supersik DS but if i'm doubting the integrity of it i maybe should at least take a break. It's not like i'm a 1st deposit donk crying cos he lost a few quid..... i've played lots of hands at lots of sites and have seen upswings and downswings at all...... never anything like this though...... maybe i need to buy a tinfoil hat? Anyways, gonna move a bigger chunk to LuckyAce and hopefully run a little better.
Other news.... had my Toe operation last week..... pretty horrific and the before and after pics are too graphic for here. Went to have the dressing changed today and about time too as it was ponging a bit.
My tennants of the last 7 years are moving out tomorrow so i'm across there making sure they leave the place in an OK state...... god knows how i'm gonna get rid of the smell of chinese takeaways lol..... actually, i quite like it :) Gonna have to find some more tennants sharpish as a rentless month this month alongside a sicko downswing = worrying times :/
The LuckyAce insta $100 bonus offer is still available for those that want it..... can't say no to free money :) Look below for further details or drop me a line.

Here's this weeks HSP to cheer me up...... Please let Negreanu lose another pull-up lol.


Amatay said...

lol this blog is looking more n more like mine everytime i log into this pile of shiz. Wanna be the Amatay much? Next thing your be linking to various porn sites aye fishay. Check out my new post btw, mega sighhhh lol

Henry Turner said...

Money is weighty - keep on making money