Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Just 1 Reason????

Why you shouldn't play on an 888 skin? hehe. My 50nl experiment/spinup continues and my original rungood got even better. Have played about 9000 hands now and will be looking more seriously at nl100 soon. I just hope it's as mental as nl50. I would say the level at 50 is somewhere were it was at other sites 3 years ago lol. Free money basically.

I can't expect such a good winrate to continue i suppose altho i know it's soooo crushable. I'd go as far as saying there's a decent living to be made just at $50nl with a decentish volume.

Yes this is a bit of a plug for you to click the banner on the right and signup to LuckyAce but i wouldn't be posting this if i didn't think a) the game there isn't as soft as shit and b) the bonus wasn't top drawer. As i've said before..... deposit $400, get $100 insta bonus and if you want, insta withdraw the $400 so you have $100 free money to play with which is the amount i started this experiment with :)

I haven't played much elsewhere since the last post. I was running so bad i decided a few days off (at least) would be a good idea. The tennants have moved out of my rented house too and after 7 years there's shit loads of work to do so poker will have to take a back seat for a while. Whole place needs gutting and redecorating.

Played the PFU Session and THMF league last night and was bridesmaid in both. Took Joe and Barny outa the Hendon Mob game though for 2 bounties and have moved up to 4th overall. Thanks to Joe for also joining our PFU game. PFU was an invite only forum but we've now opened our doors. The old policy ensures we've got an awesome base of players and contributors. The weekly Session game is a league where we play 20 weeks with a percentage of the buyins going towards decent live buyins for the winners. All players who play enough games then get a slice of the action of all the winners so it's a great community game and gives the chance for some to play in major events by playing in a $10 game. Feel free to join PFU and read more about the Session in the official threads. We also have PFU radio that provides live railing, commentary, banter and tunes. It's pretty fantastic.....



Snake Eyes said...

Added your link Cottlad, thing is for some reason it deleted your comment!!

Teach me please, currently running 10 buy ins under expected Ev!! Just variance, im sure it will come good!!

Doris Calderon said...

Money is not vital... Quit making money!

Reuben Yates said...

Money is one of the least serious factors of your life... Stop asking this form of questions!