Tuesday, March 23, 2010

$100 FOR YOU.......... FREE!!!!!!!!!!!

This blog entry is purely to give all you good people $100....... for free!!!!! No risk, no cost, just free money to play poker with :) Too good to be true? Here's what you do.....

1) Look right>>>>>>>>> for the LuckyAce Banner, they are on the 888 network..... click it....... open an account.
2) Deposit $400
3) You will get 100% bonus up to $400 BUT you will get 25% of this immediately without needing to play a hand!!! That's $100 free!
4) Spin up your $100 free money on what i reckon is one of the fishiest sites out there at the mo.
Whether you withdraw your $400 and just play with the bonus is entirely up to you!!!!!!
Read the below post for more details on how soft this site is..... even i can crush :D

Sorry for the blatant advert but ffs....... $100 for you!! :) Oh, and have a $5k freeroll entry too :)
Good luck


Lee said...

is this still active? I dunno if I'm missing something

Lee said...

I always feel like a douche when I answer my own questions within 2 minutes of asking them.

Yes it is still running. Sorry

It's kinda unclear on the main page, which is odd.