Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Free Poker + Donks = Sexy Spinup

So, the 888 network made a slight cock-up last month by entering me, and a few other luckies, into 3 x mtt's per week. My roll there stood at zero but after a series of minicashes i had $100 before they realized their error and cancelled our freebies. I played 9 sng's and cashed in them all....... followed by some 6max $50nl. In a very short space of time i had made $800 and am on the way to having a decent roll there again. The software is much improved since last time i played there but the level of play is still spectacularly BAD!!!! The lack of rakeback means it's not swarming with sharks but for regular players there is a decent rewards programme that seems similar to Pokerstars whereas the more you play, the higher up the ladder you climb, and thus making more points that can be turned into cash. So, now i'm gonna really try and build a roll on LuckyAce which is an 888 skin. I'm hoping the standard of play i've seen at 50 and 100nl continues comparatively up the chain. As a general idea, stats-wise, when sat at 50nl 6max the general opponents will comprise of 1 decent player, 2 x 22/11's, 1 x 45/16, and 1 complete maniac. Time and time again i'm seeing these awesome tables. Here's my HEM graph for just over 2k hands :)I know variance is an issue but i really think i've re-found my new home. So am just gonna try build my roll up to $200nl level without depositing and see where we go. I'll keep updating with the journey and see if we can't do another zero to 5 figure spinup which would be number 3 :)

You'll find the luckyace link if you look right>>>>>>>>>> I know a lot of sites brag about how soft their tables are but most are usually just trying to get you to play there. You can take it from me though that this place is still swarming with fish when other sites/networks are full of rocky regs. There's also a $5k freeroll for noooooobs :)
Other news..... well, i'm in for surgery on my to on Thursday. It's been gammy as hell for months now after we got stranded before xmas in the snow and the taxis stopped running. This resulted in me walking 5 miles home, in 6 inches snow, in the most ridiculous pointy shoes. Ingrowing toenail resulted and after 2 months of self operating i took the plunge and went to the doc..... who actually gasped when he saw it lol. So, am losing my entire nail on Thursday and will have a bald big toe :( Not lookin forward to it. I would post pics but ffs....... it's pretty gross!!

Still not sold the house and have had builders in all last week giving estimates on renovating into 2 flats...... more upheaval and worry. Just sell already!!

Other than LuckyAce, poker's been going OK this month up to now. Around +£2,5k with a week to go. Gonna have a big push this week as i haven't played loads up to now. Maybe after 2moro though as it's our wedding anniversary number 2...... and they said it wouldn't last! :)


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