Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Bit of a sad month when the highlight of February for me was pancake day :( Although i do make an awesome pancake! I'd hoped to continue January's rungood but almost immediately the cards dried up and the coolers kicked in. Up 500, level, up 500, down 300, etc etc etc. I played more hands than i've done in quite a while nearly all at nl£100. It shouldn't shock me anymore when my aces get cracked in a 3bet pot when on a flop of 235 opponent flips 46... Got a nice little bonus late Feb with 3rd in an mtt for £650 and managed a small profit in cash as well as a semi decent points bonus so not an entirely wasted month. My goals for March are to play more donkaments and spend more time on hands rather than insta-clicking. I gotta start playing back more rather than rolling over which is what i fear happened in Feb after a shaky start. Off to Luton Friday for a couple of days live poker.... there's a £75 F/O on Fri night followed by another £15k Sky Poker Tour game on Sat.
Bought a new car in Feb.... well, new to me anyway. I've officially become old and got myself an estate.... a sad moment indeed :( At least we can now take all the pointless junk with us wherever we go with ease :)
Oh.... have applied to be on Bargain Hunt too so fingers crossed on that one! So balla!

Month total +£2350


$1000 Man! said...

Are you going to be wearing ur Pirate outfit on TV if you get there? Otherwise i wont recognise you!!!

Cottlad said...

I always wear my pirate outfit..... i'm wearing it right now! :)

Yorkshire Pud said...

Have you managed to get another writing gig after Inside Poker folded?

Without blowing smoke up your arse, yours were one of the better articles written for them

Cottlad said...

Cheers Pud. I did a bit of work for Poker Player website but nothing else in the pipeline yet as far as strategy articles go. Might have some fingers in pies though for the future