Monday, May 3, 2010

I hate houses

So instead of 10 days in Portugal we ended up with 10 days near Hull instead. Instead of sitting in the sun sipping cocktails i was standing in a shell of a house stripping wallpaper. Sick of the place..... why can't Nick Knowles turn up and sort the fookin job out for me? :) So with all that i didn't get to play much poker at all in April but at least i made a little which is encouraging after the horrificness of March. Played a 1 in 10 WSOP ME package last night and busted out after someone called my squeeze pre with KdTd. I thought the AdKs7d flop was awesome for my KK but the river thought otherwise and Mr Luckbox makes his flush :( Got another 1 in 9 sat for a smaller package tomorrow so hope to run better in that.
Have vowed to knuckle down and make some bonus this month so will be playing all out and hopefully earn some rakeback and maybe even a little profit to boot.
The league i organize (PFU Session) already has $1800 in the kitty with 35% of the games yet to play. Should be over $2.5k when the 20 weeks have played out so i reckon a GUKPT seat for the winner and some side event seats for runners up. Check out pokerfriendsunited forum for the next league and your chance to win a big buyin for a live event for just $10/week.

High stakes poker Episode 12 for yas:


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Nita Brennan said...

That's what i'm talking about! This' my game;-)