Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Holiday Doomswitched

FFS i'm running like death in all aspects of life at the moment. We left to catch our flight to Portugal last Thursday for 10 days and are still sat at home with cases packed and nowhere to go. Have now cancelled and re-booked for June so let's hope this bitch of a volcano has STFU by then. Really needed this holiday too as I seem to be losing my mind bit by bit grinding at a game that seems intent on me losing my mind! Actually the last 2 nights i've won 3 buyins/night which is utterly unreal and feels so weird. I think I won double in the last 2 nights what i've won in all my winning sessions over the last month...... actually, it's only about my 5th winning session in a month so that's not a particularly difficult achievement. Let's hope things continue to improve and I stop really hating this bastard of a game.

The LuckAce offer is still on btw..... Open account (banner opposite), deposit $400, get $100 insta-bonus (no need to play), withdraw $400, play with yr free $100!!....simplez :)

More HSP for you. Enjoy!


nerkul said...

hey cottlad, does luckyace/888 work with holdemmanager?

Cottlad said...

It sure does :)

Crystal Mathews said...

Wow! This shit's the best game in the world;)