Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Been An OK Week

Nothing much to grumble about this week. Well, i say nothing, but i had a couple of days of running like death that knocked me for 6. Lost like 12 buyins in 2 days through no fault of my own. Had an awesome run of four consecutive allin hands were opponents called between 3/4 and pot sized bets after turn with naked flushdraws and they all hit lol. I spent a fair bit of time staring blankly at the monitor wondering what i would do to these morons given half the chance lol. Anyways, since then i've made about 15 buyins and feel a touch better.

I still don't understand how the way i run is so cyclical...... i can almost set my watch by it. Win 1-4 buyins for 4 days...... make about 15 buyins....... then run horrificly for 2 days and lose 8-12 buyins....... then start over. I don't think i'm playing any differently, am just getting hammered by hands like AQ v Q7 where the flop comes A77 and i end up losing like 50bb's...... then repeat for 2 days...... It's almost too regular to be true. So by that reckoning, from this moment on i'm going to losing a whole lot of cash and hair in the next 2 days i play. Maybe i'll drop to 1p/2p and ride the storm there.

Yesterday i became the PFU Session III champ. Bit embarrasing seeing as i organize the thing. Anyways i finished with a win on week 25 and finished top of the leaderboard. Can't buy myself a trophy as that would be too weird so ordered myself a chipset instead.

Sky are running an Xfactor type comp at the moment called Total Player. 3 mentors pick 18 players over the next few weeks who will compete to take down the title, knocking out 1 player at a time, until there are 3 left. It will then go to a public vote (i may need yr help if i get that far) where the winner will receive a £1k UK entry + a full WSOP ME package. The mentors pick players who they think can represent Sky at the top level and who they think can win based on what they see at the tables. Ed Giddins was 1st up on Sunday evening and made 3 picks...... i was one of them! Yay.,,,,,, go me! Should be fun no matter what happens but the WSOP package would be soooo schweeeet! Details are here so fingers crossed i can go deep.

I've concluded that this blog is pretty boring these days, especially since moving back from Ibiza. I will continue it though just for my own amusement if nothing else. Keeps me saner putting stuff down on paper so to speak.

I was gonna have a proper rant about all the goody goody, vegetarian, green, world saving, tree hugging, annoying fookers at Copenhagen this week who want us to stop eating meat and drive 5 miles less per week in order to save ourselves before it's too late but i've written enough for this entry so may save that for another time.

Off to parents tomorrow for Christmas until New Year so will be reduced to a laptop and having to play on miniview tables......bah! Am hoping for a lot of drunks playing over Xmas so lets hope we can all make a little by picking them off :) ...... GL at the tables everyone and Happy Christmas!!!

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