Monday, December 7, 2009

2 Steps Backward, 3 Steps foreward

Oooooh things are fairly positive today. Last weeks sickness has been remedied with 3 decent days so i'm now back to where i started 7 days ago. Wastedweekaments! Am gonna hammer poker in December and aim for max bonus. I keep being handed excuses not to play and taking them. I wanna take some time off at Xmas though so if i can run good till then and make some $$$'s i'll be able to relax a little. I also want to qualify for some live events, starting with the new pokerstars tour next year. I guess i should deposit some money on PS first then start flooding the sats. I really don't want to pay more than £75 for the £500 seat but maybe i'm being a cheapskate? It's a shame the GBPT and GUKPT will probably see some decline but as long as they only run the main qualifiers on specific skins they will always be short of achieving full potential. I don't know why they don't roll-out the qualifiers across the whole iPoker network and maybe offer incentives for thos choosing to qualify for say GUKPT via BlueSq. It's a real shame because a lot of people just don't have enough funds to spread across numerous sites. Anyways, I think the new UKIPT could be huge and can only be good for the game. Hopefully see you at Manchester in Feb!

Is anyone else feeling christmassy yet? I've had enough already. Morries were playing Slade on Nov 20th and i know people who had their xmas doo week before last......ffs!! I enjoy xmas and all that goes with it but it can get fooked til at least Dec 20th. I've been that pissed off with the whole thing i've had to order Wii F1 & SMK just to cheer myself up. I was just going to get F1 but it only came with 1 wheel so i obviously had to order SMK in order to get another :) I got the Wii 2 years ago and have probably spent 2 hrs on it in total. I got Wii fit about 6 months ago, had 1 session and discovered it was very ghey indeed and it's been in a box since then. No doubt i'll get another 2 hrs use over xmas with these new games before it's packed up again til next xmas.

Righty, less writing, more playing.

GL at the tables!

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Jessie Beaver said...

For one, i think i wonder at Nintendo Wii very much