Monday, November 8, 2010

Moving House

Blimey i've been a busy boy. The last 6 months have been manic. I've finally and thankfully finished my house renovation and it's ready to move into. Just gotta pack up this place and hire a van. Hopefully less than 2 weeks and i can concentrate on playing poker for a while and do some serious grindage. I guess i've been playing maybe 40% of what i should be playing each month and have just been covering the bills whilst dedicating most of my time to decorating. Not a lot else happened in the last 6 months. I helped deliver an adventure yacht from Istanbul to Barcelona via Malta which was pretty cool (hot.) It took about 3 weeks in all and was great to be out on the waves again with blue skies and jumping dolphins. Earnt a few bob too but tbh, if i didn't have a family and bills i'd do it for free :) That job was on the back of a weekend in Ibiza for a friends stag doo. Glad i got called away to Istanbul really as my Ibiza days aren't quite as easy to manage as they used to be. 1 decent night out was plenty..... god knows what i'd do if i was there for a week with the lads.... die probably!
Pokers been going pretty well what little i've played. This month has started awesomely too with 5 mtt played with 170+ runners...... won 2 and 2nd in another :) I really gotta play more mtt's but am usually too busy grinding cash. The cash tables have also gone well so far this month and i'm in profit total about £3.7k. Not too shabby for the 1st week. Will give me some leeway to get moved without needing to play although i've promised myself that this months points total will be at least double what i've been making for the last 6 months.

The PFU session starts again real soon! Last years was a great success. It's a $10 league with $5 into prizepool, $1 rake, and $4 into a kitty for end of league prizes. Session IV saw cheesies win a £1.1K UKIPT seat and 4 other players win £110 seats of their choice. 30% was to go back to the league players and cheesies nearly obliged with a huge score when chippo in the UKIPT game when in the money. Unfortunately he fell just before FT but still won enough to give stakeholders a nice bonus. It always attracts some class players so if you fancy a crack then please come and join the forum and look out for updates. The website is - come say hi :)


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