Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Pwned by the Tards

Have just had a horrific 2 days. I really didn't want to rant anymore in this shitty blog but Sky can go fuck itself. I logged on yesterday to get to 16k points from 15.7k. That would mean a £150 jump in my bonus for the month up to £500. Just needed to play a couple hours at 50p/£1....easy peasy. In that 2 hours i lost £600 to some hilarious suckouts and coolers......

3 x AK versus stations after 3x3bets pre.... 3xKhigh dry flops........ All 3 times against AA.

QQ fired 2 barrels allin after 3betting pre on QJ39 board versus AK (10 river...wtf?) FML
AA allin on JK4 flop versus KT (T turn) FML
AA allin on 23T flop versus TJ (J turn) FML.

So i went to bed proper pissed off but got up today with the £500 bonus which meant that yesterday was only -£100 and the whole of Nov was worth fook all bonuswise...... sigh.

So today i feel better and am ready to play some more. 20 hands in i 4 bet a lagtard 'happywild' who knows my range there is tiny....... he obv shoves his QQ into my AA and spikes the Q for a £460 pot. WP.
Then comes the retard spewtard PlayerX who 3bets light and overbets when in trouble...... this guy plays so badly it's untrue. I call IP and he ends up shoving £75 into about £60 after turn with a flushdraw and gutshot...... obviously he hits for a £260 pot. Did you think you had fold equity ther u donkey?
So, in 2 days i've been involved in 8 x allin pots. 3 i've been coolered, ...... and 5 i've lost when i've had over 75% equity. Won = zero

Sky poker can go fuck itself
Sky retards can go fuck emselves
This blog can go fuck itself