Monday, November 8, 2010

Moving House

Blimey i've been a busy boy. The last 6 months have been manic. I've finally and thankfully finished my house renovation and it's ready to move into. Just gotta pack up this place and hire a van. Hopefully less than 2 weeks and i can concentrate on playing poker for a while and do some serious grindage. I guess i've been playing maybe 40% of what i should be playing each month and have just been covering the bills whilst dedicating most of my time to decorating. Not a lot else happened in the last 6 months. I helped deliver an adventure yacht from Istanbul to Barcelona via Malta which was pretty cool (hot.) It took about 3 weeks in all and was great to be out on the waves again with blue skies and jumping dolphins. Earnt a few bob too but tbh, if i didn't have a family and bills i'd do it for free :) That job was on the back of a weekend in Ibiza for a friends stag doo. Glad i got called away to Istanbul really as my Ibiza days aren't quite as easy to manage as they used to be. 1 decent night out was plenty..... god knows what i'd do if i was there for a week with the lads.... die probably!
Pokers been going pretty well what little i've played. This month has started awesomely too with 5 mtt played with 170+ runners...... won 2 and 2nd in another :) I really gotta play more mtt's but am usually too busy grinding cash. The cash tables have also gone well so far this month and i'm in profit total about £3.7k. Not too shabby for the 1st week. Will give me some leeway to get moved without needing to play although i've promised myself that this months points total will be at least double what i've been making for the last 6 months.

The PFU session starts again real soon! Last years was a great success. It's a $10 league with $5 into prizepool, $1 rake, and $4 into a kitty for end of league prizes. Session IV saw cheesies win a £1.1K UKIPT seat and 4 other players win £110 seats of their choice. 30% was to go back to the league players and cheesies nearly obliged with a huge score when chippo in the UKIPT game when in the money. Unfortunately he fell just before FT but still won enough to give stakeholders a nice bonus. It always attracts some class players so if you fancy a crack then please come and join the forum and look out for updates. The website is - come say hi :)

Friday, June 4, 2010

Sick Of Painting - Time For A Holiday!

Been a strange month. Really could have done to have knuckled down and played some serious hours at the tables but never seemed to have enough time. I seem to be chasing my own tail around trying to get stuff done and the list of jobs seems to increase. I guess including poker i'm busy for 14 hours every day with the other house taking up a fair chunk of my time. I'm really and utterly fed up with painting now.....ceiling, edging, walls, ceiling, edging, walls, masking, walls, ceiling, edging, omfg i'm going insane!!! Next job is the woodwork..... all of it..... sanding, masking, painting, sanding masking etc etc...... i really should just get someone in and concentrate on the poker i suppose. Will decide how/if i continue when we get back from Portugal. OMG let this holiday happen puuuurleeeaaaasssse! I don't want to see any more volcanic bullshit on the news til we've touched down back in England in 10 days time.

What poker i've actually played hasn't been too bad this last week. Final tabled 3 x 500 player mtt's out of 5 played which can't be bad for about £1,600. Finally got me my gold sharkscope star for Sky mtt's :) Want the platinum by the end of summer so will again concentrate on playing as many mtt's there as i can rather than 1 or 2 per week. It's gotta be hugely +EV for me considering the 6max structure of the games there.
Sadder news is i qualified for 2 WSOP qualifiers at £1,100 each. 1 in 10 got a £10k package with left over cash going to bubble. Well i managed a poor showing in both so looks like my WSOP this year won't happen... anyone wanna stake me? :)

WTG Praz on yr bracelet double-up! Hope the Brits can continue and take a few this year. UL Mr Channing.... sooo close :( Still, quarter of a million may soften the blow somewhat :)

Righty.... Portugal bound....... so long suckers!

Monday, May 3, 2010

I hate houses

So instead of 10 days in Portugal we ended up with 10 days near Hull instead. Instead of sitting in the sun sipping cocktails i was standing in a shell of a house stripping wallpaper. Sick of the place..... why can't Nick Knowles turn up and sort the fookin job out for me? :) So with all that i didn't get to play much poker at all in April but at least i made a little which is encouraging after the horrificness of March. Played a 1 in 10 WSOP ME package last night and busted out after someone called my squeeze pre with KdTd. I thought the AdKs7d flop was awesome for my KK but the river thought otherwise and Mr Luckbox makes his flush :( Got another 1 in 9 sat for a smaller package tomorrow so hope to run better in that.
Have vowed to knuckle down and make some bonus this month so will be playing all out and hopefully earn some rakeback and maybe even a little profit to boot.
The league i organize (PFU Session) already has $1800 in the kitty with 35% of the games yet to play. Should be over $2.5k when the 20 weeks have played out so i reckon a GUKPT seat for the winner and some side event seats for runners up. Check out pokerfriendsunited forum for the next league and your chance to win a big buyin for a live event for just $10/week.

High stakes poker Episode 12 for yas:

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Holiday Doomswitched

FFS i'm running like death in all aspects of life at the moment. We left to catch our flight to Portugal last Thursday for 10 days and are still sat at home with cases packed and nowhere to go. Have now cancelled and re-booked for June so let's hope this bitch of a volcano has STFU by then. Really needed this holiday too as I seem to be losing my mind bit by bit grinding at a game that seems intent on me losing my mind! Actually the last 2 nights i've won 3 buyins/night which is utterly unreal and feels so weird. I think I won double in the last 2 nights what i've won in all my winning sessions over the last month...... actually, it's only about my 5th winning session in a month so that's not a particularly difficult achievement. Let's hope things continue to improve and I stop really hating this bastard of a game.

The LuckAce offer is still on btw..... Open account (banner opposite), deposit $400, get $100 insta-bonus (no need to play), withdraw $400, play with yr free $100!!....simplez :)

More HSP for you. Enjoy!

Thursday, April 8, 2010


Well March was pretty shitty. Month of 2 halves with the back end screwing me to the boards. April's started off in exactly the same way with some ingenius 2 and 3 outers that i barely knew could exist, never mind call with. Hope it ends soon as i'm becoming increasingly noncholant about losing multiple buyins which isn't good. Although they do advocate playing without worrying about actual monetary values (whoever they are.) I think i'm taking that philosophy to the extreme

Here's this weeks HSP to cheer me up and see some people losing more than me :)

Have hardly played any poker really as we went over to my parents at Easter for a couple of days which turned into a week after realizing how much work my recently vacated house needs. Already ordered a full new kitchen after ripping out the old one down to concrete and plaster.

Every single room nees stripping back to bare walls and boards so i've got plenty of work on... That's before i even think about the garden ffs. Windows go in next week hopefully and until then i'm stripping paper...... Deep joy! A job made twice as shite by ligving 70 miles away from the project. Luckily parents are in Portugal so staying at theirs for the forseeable.
So, whilst updating this i've had KK v AA twice and a flopped broadway beaten by a runner runner flush. It really is beginning to fkin stink! I haven't even been able to play the LuckyAce fishpond as i've been away and didn't have any stats/notes. That's still the same as last update but i hope to play a bit more there for the rest of the week........ oh wait..... just to finish KK beaten by 22 in a heavily 3bet pot...... fmmfl!

Roll on next Thursday when we go to Portugal..... poker can fook right off for 10 days!

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Just 1 Reason????

Why you shouldn't play on an 888 skin? hehe. My 50nl experiment/spinup continues and my original rungood got even better. Have played about 9000 hands now and will be looking more seriously at nl100 soon. I just hope it's as mental as nl50. I would say the level at 50 is somewhere were it was at other sites 3 years ago lol. Free money basically.

I can't expect such a good winrate to continue i suppose altho i know it's soooo crushable. I'd go as far as saying there's a decent living to be made just at $50nl with a decentish volume.

Yes this is a bit of a plug for you to click the banner on the right and signup to LuckyAce but i wouldn't be posting this if i didn't think a) the game there isn't as soft as shit and b) the bonus wasn't top drawer. As i've said before..... deposit $400, get $100 insta bonus and if you want, insta withdraw the $400 so you have $100 free money to play with which is the amount i started this experiment with :)

I haven't played much elsewhere since the last post. I was running so bad i decided a few days off (at least) would be a good idea. The tennants have moved out of my rented house too and after 7 years there's shit loads of work to do so poker will have to take a back seat for a while. Whole place needs gutting and redecorating.

Played the PFU Session and THMF league last night and was bridesmaid in both. Took Joe and Barny outa the Hendon Mob game though for 2 bounties and have moved up to 4th overall. Thanks to Joe for also joining our PFU game. PFU was an invite only forum but we've now opened our doors. The old policy ensures we've got an awesome base of players and contributors. The weekly Session game is a league where we play 20 weeks with a percentage of the buyins going towards decent live buyins for the winners. All players who play enough games then get a slice of the action of all the winners so it's a great community game and gives the chance for some to play in major events by playing in a $10 game. Feel free to join PFU and read more about the Session in the official threads. We also have PFU radio that provides live railing, commentary, banter and tunes. It's pretty fantastic.....


Monday, March 29, 2010

HSP Mondays

It's beyond funny how bad i've run the last 5 days at Sky. 15 buyins in 1500 hands seems like it should be impossible. Every flop i'm beaten by a set. Am seriously thinking of ditching Sky as i don't feel it's random...... this happens EVERY month for about a week. Can it just be variance? Yeah maybe just a supersik DS but if i'm doubting the integrity of it i maybe should at least take a break. It's not like i'm a 1st deposit donk crying cos he lost a few quid..... i've played lots of hands at lots of sites and have seen upswings and downswings at all...... never anything like this though...... maybe i need to buy a tinfoil hat? Anyways, gonna move a bigger chunk to LuckyAce and hopefully run a little better.
Other news.... had my Toe operation last week..... pretty horrific and the before and after pics are too graphic for here. Went to have the dressing changed today and about time too as it was ponging a bit.
My tennants of the last 7 years are moving out tomorrow so i'm across there making sure they leave the place in an OK state...... god knows how i'm gonna get rid of the smell of chinese takeaways lol..... actually, i quite like it :) Gonna have to find some more tennants sharpish as a rentless month this month alongside a sicko downswing = worrying times :/
The LuckyAce insta $100 bonus offer is still available for those that want it..... can't say no to free money :) Look below for further details or drop me a line.

Here's this weeks HSP to cheer me up...... Please let Negreanu lose another pull-up lol.